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Wellness Products Inspired
for a Naturally Conscious You.

About Pepper & Pink

"Beauty Begins the moment you decide to be yourself" -Coco Chanel

We are Pepper & Pink Inc., a Canadian duo of Health and Beauty experts that have united to offer the best quality products with an environmentally conscious mindset.  Our mission is to create home, health, and beauty products that offer the best experience for our clients and customers while still innovating on value and lifestyle benefits.  Pepper and Pink represents our personalities and our true passion for beauty in the home, for the body and of course in life!  Fiery and determined, strong and persistent is Pepper.  Wanting to be true to oneself, being kind and considerate to the ones around us and the world we live in; and always being on trend leads to Pink.  Living Life Beautifully Everyday is not only a vision but, our mantra.


Behind every one of our products is a deep commitment to enriching the health and wellness of our customers.  Our products are formulated with premium ingredients and naturally sourced essential oils.  Pepper & Pink products include skin care, hair care and home ambiance lines to name a few.


We strongly believe in who we are and what we do and that is what living life beautifully is all about.  Pepper & Pink resonates with our customers and we will make sure to keep on innovating, always making products that  promote a healthy and happy lifestyle!


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Aurora, Ontario


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